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L3vel 3

L3VEL 3 Tinted Gel Color - Black - 8.45oz.

L3VEL 3 Tinted Gel Color - Black - 8.45oz.

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Covers grey hairRinses out instantlyMedium HoldCover your grey hair instantly, add volume, texture, and a strong hold to your daily hairstyle routine with this gel. The unique formula delivers a long lasting shine and volume that rinses out easily. The black color tint is temporary and can be used occasionally or daily. Quality ingredients achieve a flake free hairstyle with a refreshing fragrance.Dose the amount that you need according to the white/grey coverage area, length, and state of your hair into your hands and use fingers to work it well into your hair, creating the desired style. Fit with your daily use. For the best results, avoid all activity that may cause excessive sweating.Color/Style: BlackModel: #100802

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