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Ampro Pro Styl Regular Hold Gel - 32oz

Ampro Pro Styl Regular Hold Gel - 32oz

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Protein rich, vegan, non-flaking, radiant sheen, hard hold, protective styles

Ampro Pro Styl Super Hold Styling Gel - because you want a styling gel that gives you the perfect look the first time, every time! Our legendary, alcohol free styling gel is uniquely formulated to provide a hard extra firm hold you need to achieve the styles you desire.

DIRECTIONS: For molded or Sculptured Styles: Apply to wet hair then mold or sculpt as desired. Allow hair to under heated hood dryer. Do not disturb mold after drying. Proceed with desired style.

For Comb Through Style: Apply foam or setting lotion to the hair and a small amount of gel to seal the outer perimeter of the head. Dry hair under hood dryer, comb through mold and style.
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