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L3vel 3

L3VEL 3 Temporary Hair/Beard Color - Black - 4.2oz.

L3VEL 3 Temporary Hair/Beard Color - Black - 4.2oz.

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Applicable on hair and beardInstant use formulaThe L3VEL3 Temporary Hair Color delivers natural looking results, giving you a full beard appearance in just minutes. Ready to apply with no mixing required. The color formula contains NO harsh chemical ingredients and blends perfectly with your existing hair. Cover white/grey hair instantly for up to 48hrs.Apply directly to hair areas. Application time will vary based on the depth of the hair desired. You can expect 5mins for the lightest color deposit and up to 20mins for the maximum color result. Rinse off thoroughly when complete. Do not shampoo for a maximum of 24hrs.Color/Style: BlackModel: #100911

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