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L3vel 3

L3VEL 3 Hair Styling Gel

L3VEL 3 Hair Styling Gel

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L3VEL3 Hair Styling Gel

Our Water-based styling gel gives unbreakable hold and a clean scent.

When you’ve imagined the perfect quiff, pompadour, or spiky style, you don’t want your performance to fall flat. But you don’t want rock-hard hair with a greasy finish, either. So choose our hair gel to keep your style strong and help it shine bright. This gel delivers all-day firm hold and brilliant shine, while amplifying your hair and defining every strand. It takes modern and classic styles to new heights for a look that’s uniquely you. No flakes, no residue, just hair that makes everybody jealous.

Key Features

  • Creates slick styles that last all day, from side parts to spikes and quiffs.
  • Gives awesome volume and definition with head-turning shine.
  • With the clean and refreshing scent, you can get up close and personal.
  • Flake-free formula so hair looks pure with no oily or greasy residue.
  • Water-based formula washes out easily leaving no product build-up.

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Whip our strong hold gel through your hair for a style that lasts the whole day. It’s a formula with genuine staying power, developed to fix even unruly hair in place without stiffness or stickiness. This gel raises the roof on slicked-back or side-parted styles, while adding texture and gloss for a contemporary, suave look. The consistency is workable, making the gel easy to apply and distribute, whether you’re a pro stylist or not.

Forget the crispy strands of your youth; this is styling gel for natural hair. Offering super-strong hold, it locks in your style without making your hair feel hard and weird. It also adds lasting shine, but not the type of gloss that looks greasy and unclean. Introduce this gel to your hair and you can create the slickest styles, from precise side parts to swept-up pompadours to razor-sharp spikes. TLDR; it’s a versatile product for the modern man.

You’ve got height and definition in the bag too with this volumizing, texturizing hair gel. It amplifies any style, whether sleek or messy, especially on short-to-mid-length hair. The gel’s smooth consistency defines and glosses individual strands for a charismatic finish. And your hair won’t only impress from afar, as the gel has a refreshing scent that invites close personal contact.

Applying and distributing this strong hold styling gel is a breeze. You don’t have to be a professional hairstylist to get the most from the formula, although FYI, the larger pot sizes represent great value for your barber shop. Whatever your styling skill level, you’ll achieve awe-inspiring volume, texture, shine, and hold with this gel.

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