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Beast Brands Beast Nutt Butter Blue - 6oz.

Beast Brands Beast Nutt Butter Blue - 6oz.

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You're my boy, Blue!Featuring the Beast Blue medium intensity "just right" tingle and signature scent, this anti-chafing and anti-odor Nutt Butter™ keeps man parts and other friction areas cool, dry and comfortable. It’s time to banish the batwing, boys!Applies as a soothing creamDries quickly with no residueLater feels like a silky-smooth powderPrevents excess wetness yet retains just enough natural moisture to keep things smooth, but not stickyFeatures Oats, Tapioca, Corn Starch, Aloe and Vitamin EFree of Talc, Aluminum and ParabensCruelty-Free. Made in the USA.Men's groin hygiene at its finestBlue is more drying than the Original Nutt Butter and features the Beast Blue scent. Blue also has a medium tingle whereas the Original has a light tingle and the Extreme a LOT of tingle. Its blue balls, without the blues.

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